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February 28, 2009



i can't see the shoes! Beautiful as always!

Brandi Ginn


Yes. Yes, you should do weddings. At least promote more of the bridals and engagements. Because of COURSE you don't have anything better to do ;)

I'm sorry about the cleaning...it's a pain.


yes love the shoes!


damn kara. thats all i can say.
really? really!?!
these are crazy awesome.

jenny miller

SOOOOO LOVELY!! Hope all is well~ We think about you guys and hope everything works out smoothly~
love ya....


These seriously rock Kara..

rachel brooke

You should do them! You're a natural.

Gemma Higgins-Sears

ummm yep i agree... these are GORGEOUS.


You're AMAZING!! I look at my fabulous pics all the time and think about how much fun that was!! I WANT MORE--seriously Kara, you are so incredible!! These pics are so awesome. It would be hard for me to choose my favorite!


What a fabulous photo shoot. You are so creative - I LOVE IT!


Wow! Are you a photographer?

Kara Elmore

Brandy ... for you ... YES! ;)

Kelli France

These are oh so lovely!NO REALLY!!!

I am having Kara-withdrawals again so email me so I can hear whatcha've been up to.

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