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January 12, 2009


Elder Nielsen II

I FEAKING LOVE the video, it was AWESOME!!


I am sitting in my office LMAO all by myself!!! I'm not sure if I am laughing at Wesley and how adorable he is, or at Ava and how she COMPLETELY looks like a mini Kara. She looks just like you in those cute little movies of your dad, like Whiter Than Snow......oh that was my favorite. How fun!!!!


Are we using real names or fake names? Hmmmm? LOVED the video and you can tell little miss fluffy head that Princesses are the best and that not all boys hate them. Especially a certain Princess lover in Florida!


i love you kara. and i want to come get fluffy head and bring her back to louisiana with me. shes SO stinkin cute! my daughter is already telling me to get away from her in public. apparently im THAT embarrassing :(

Brandi Ginn

That is SO stinkin' cute! Yep, miss fluffy head looks like you! I don't really think any of my kids look like me.

She's SO darling. Natalie always asks when we're going to go back to UT so she can play with her.


Love your photography! :-)

Adie Mitchell

Oh Ugly!! that is hilarious!! I hate dots too..Why don't they ever go away.. Mine are bigger than your dots!! Loved the video..Ava does look just like you in the videos that your dad did many years ago.. Too funny!! Loved the bathtub explaination....I was laughing so hard!! LYG-Adie

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