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January 15, 2009


Brandi Ginn

Kara! The light IS fabulous!!! I LOVE the twirling one. The light coming in from the window IS inspiring! SO fun to see the beach hair...not just fluffy head hair ;)


I love this post. I love the pictures. I love that your baby disappeared.(as long as you found her!) Fluffy is growing up, but still little. She is beautiful.

bev robison

Awwwwwww! You are right, her little bum IS cute! So sweet. Just remember not to pull that one out when the boyfriend is over a few years from now, or she will hate you for life!

P.S. Just saw Twilight for the 4th time and am beginning to feel like I have an addiction problem. Just how do you manage???


what an awesome post... and these images.. the way you captured her..


Awww fluffy head is so pretty! love these and love the light! I wish you were near Virginia/DC to do my family pics! You rock girl!


I can't believe she is nearly five either! Where does the time go? She sure is a beautiful little girl. I especially like the pic of her twirling around in her underwear. That is such a little kid thing to do. Not a care in the world. Hilarious -- I mean really, when you're four, who needs clothes anyway? Hope you located little Miss M. in a timely manner. :)

Amanda K

Omg. When did she grow up so much? Has she stopped letting your put the curlers in? Her hair look so LONG now that it's not all super fluffified. I love it :) And I LOVE these... so gorgeous.


She is so beautiful! I understand the whole issue with 5 because I recently visited that place with Madison. It seems as if it was only yesterday that they were born. I asked her to stop growing and she told me no. When I asked her why, she said she wanted to be big like me. My heart melted. I understand now when my mom told "They grow up so fast". Sometimes it makes me sad! Boo hoo! I am sure I am not they first mom to feel that way. Miss you girl!

Gemma Higgins-Sears

5... wow. I was getting sad yesterday about 8 months!! It's just going to get worse isn't it??
Love these images - just gorgeous!!


She is gorgeous, time goes too quick but you never believe it before you have kids!!

rachel brooke

These are beautiful. Makes me want to be a child again, myself.

Kelli France

Ohhh.......the light here is yummy! These B&W's are inspiring! I called you the other day. Did you get my message? I miss ya!

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