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January 25, 2009


Brandi Ginn

OOO I love the first black and white one. Love that she was being patient and didn't see you coming ;)The light is perfect...so is the PP. ;)


you know I always count how many days it is between posts. Thanks for sharing! Beautiful as always...the thoughts and pictures!

Gemma Higgins-Sears

oh that first image is just DIVINE!!! just stunning :)
love your work ;)

lisa duzan

HEllooo, I check out your blog through Kathy McCloy's site...love your images! Anyway, I love the song too, so I wanted to share. I believe it is titled the "secret song" but could not find it acapella. It is under MTV's sessions on Itunes. I hope that helps!

Kara Elmore

Lisa - thank you! And YAY for commenting! :) Ok - I found YOUR HOUSE - and that's the one I was thinking of. However - on the CD (when it was purchased LONG ago...) it was acapella and this one bugs me a bit that it has music to it. UGH. How do I find it w/out music? I guess buy the cd? :)


This is a seriously awesome post.. and I agree.. just be happy.. no matter what your problems are.. I need to implement that more .. and I will.

You are wonderful Kara..

Kara Elmore

awwwwwwww Elizabeth... thank you! That was SO sweet!!! :)


That was really touching Kara.

(I think we have that album...if you aren't morally opposed to piracy.)


OK so like I said at dinner I HAVE THE CD IN MY CAR!!!! and the song is on it and I will copy it for you because I have no moral boundries haha. j/k I figure I bought it - I'll copy it.

Love ya

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