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December 02, 2008



What? Amberlee was one of your bridesmaids and I wasn't!? Was Amberlee part of the triple K fleas?! Did you ever go to make up a U with Amberlee?! Did Amberlee ever come to VISIT you while you were in St. Louis!? Did you and Amberlee watch Jurassic Park together and have the crap scared out of you? Tap tap tap!!! I'm outraged!

On to a lighter note...love the pics! I only wish you would have captured them in a Ultimate Fighting sort of way! hahah


I remember the "triple K fleas"! I was one of them! Great pics Kara. You did wonders on Amberlee! :) I can't wait to see more. I'm sure she will bring an 8x10 of all of them to the girls Christmas party!
Love ya!

Kara Elmore

Ohh KRISTA and KATIE - my triple K fleas. I am BUSTING UP! Krista - you should've been one of the bridesmaids too. Why didn't I? Ohhh jurasic park - memories tap tap tap. And don't tell Amberlee - but I love you more! ;)


Kara I used to like you- and Krista so what if she didn't like you enough at the time to be one her bridesmaids, and Katie that is the REAL size of my @$$ j/k AND I'm going to have a GIANT picture at the girls party cuz it's at my HOUSE!!!! Love to all

p.s. did anyone notice not one mention of Twilight in the whole post. haha


Amberlee is the best! and i have to say I am a total fan of your photos and I am kind of a brat when it comes to photos, I love how relaxed they are, and candid is always more beautiful. love love.


Man I must of missed out. What are the "triple K fleas"? Where was I? Oh yes, dating that one guy! (Nice guy, talked with him on facebook not long ago). Any hoot! Love the pictures! Amberlee you have a gorgeous family! I am guessing you husband has some red hair? Beautiful, beautiful! How many times have you seen twilight now Kara? Love ya!


Just to clarify for all the non-'94 Clearfield High Grads, We all truly love each other and this treatment is usual for us. There is nothing in this world that I or any of us (I hope) wouldn't do for each other!
Love ya, Amb

Kara Elmore

YES - good clarification! We frequently call each other "ugly" ... or "ugliest" depending on who we are talking to. But we love each other beyond words. Even if Adie has better skin than all of us and asks us to "clear it up". I can say that because Adie doesn't know how to get to my blog. :)


Don't forget that we call each other Rotted too! Yes, we all love each other and many of us go back to our toddler years. Amberlee has pictures of me at her first birthday party! Was Kara there? Hmmm, now that I'm thinking of it, why the heck wasn't I one of YOUR bridesmaids Amb? I guess Adie is my truest friend since I was one of hers!

Anyway, I love you rot-heads! I can't wait for Monday! Woot woot!

Kara Elmore

Hey.... YOU were one of Adie's bridesmaids? WHAT THE? Ummm Ok - I'm calling her. I'm mad. I was her next door neighbor - I saved her MANY a time from Zach - I even went out with DANJE for crying out loud ... for her!


I don't even remember being INVITED to Adie's wedding!!!!

Heather Mickey

so cute! Although I *LOVE* your photography I totally love reading your post just as much. You are so funny and full of personality! :)


These are wonderful.. and made me smile.

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