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December 12, 2008



LOVE them!!! Gee Whiz! You'd think Stacie could have had better hair for her pic! haha She has THE best, thick, lush hair I'ver ever seen. Let's shave her head and make us extensions!


ohmygosh. you are so funny. that poo comment made me laugh out loud! :)


Love the card(s) Kara!!


hello darling! i love your little family!:) when are we going to do a cousins lunch, because I miss your beautiful, tiny, most fabuliciousness self! love you!


oh how you make me laugh kara! one day we will get to meet eachother and i will love every second of it and GOOD LORD your family is beautiful!

christine gallagher

It is the craze of the photographer, I hate my card too. and have thought... I still have time to fix it! Ha, too bad my husband knows I already PAID for them!

Merry christmas


That can't be Staci! Really with brown hair? Is this Nate's sister? WOW! I have to say brown is my favorite color ever! Most things I buy are brown and boring. So I was a little offended by your poo remarks! :) Then I saw a picture and all the kids were in brown...BORING!! I love this family picture of you guys. I will still wear brown, but never in a picture and neither will my kids.


Ok seriously.. love the cards you make.. they are delicious.. you are so creative.. love it.. Happy Holidays dear girl..


What can I say, I just have a flair for these things! But seriously, I LOVE your card Kara! Don't second guess yourself because it is fab! And I LOVE the #5 pic, it was my favorite!

Kara Elmore

ohhhh - thanks everyone! Funny how we beat ourselves up, right?

And Joanna - I'm SO glad you've seen the light and only wear brown for NON picture occassions! ;)

Christine - that's when you tell him the lab made a mistake and you HAD to reprint them... :)

Kate - IS there a cousins party? No one TOLD ME! :)

Elizabeth - you've got to post your card!

rachel brooke

Ohhh... i so have card envy right now. Or maybe it's design envy. Or both.

You family is so gorgeous! I don't think I've seen you guys all together in one shot. Beautiful - it's the family Barbie and Ken would have if they were real.

Kara Elmore

Rachel - you're SO funny!!!! And the reason you haven't seen us all together in one shot is because 1) that's a nightmare waiting to happen. and 2) the baby would've scratched your eyes out if you asked for it to happen.


Christian saw the card and said WOW A is pretty,and Ambria thinks she looks 'older' Christian also said that M didn't look 'too mean in the picture. He's still milking the black eye she gave him. Good thing it was after our pictures were taken haha ;)


Kara-you don't know me, but my friend Karen Freemantle just showed me the pictures you did for her tonight and I was just flabbergasted at the awesomeness of the pictures! The color was amazing and the kids' faces especially were priceless. You definitely have a beautiful gift, and a pretty cool name I might add! =) ~Kara

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