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December 23, 2008


Amberlee Brian

What no mention of my fabulous singing birthday wish? I'm hurt. haha


I'm glad you had a good b-day! a little time away from the kids is always a great gift! And Nate what a guy, after how many years of marriage...?it's a good thing he got it right! LYG

Stefanie Middaugh

I thought you would appreciate a little piece of info I acquired...Isabella was the no. 1 name for girls in 2008. Too bad Edward didn't top the list for boys. Maybe you should have another girl just to name her Bella?? Oh, and Happy late birthday!!


Nate is wonderful! I am so glad you had a good birthday! No a wonderful birthday! Love you!!

Adie Mitchell

Oh UGH!! What a fabulous birthday present!! I'm so jealous!! you need to come over during the holidays and get your birthday present or i'll just bring it to the girls party!! Sure love your guts-Adie


Happy Belated Birthday! What a wonderful day your hubby planned for you:)! I got Twilight for Christmas:)! I have to read it first...lol I'm soooo behind;)! Hope you had a Merry Christmas!


I know you love your hubby. After that description of your birthday I think I love him too! Happy Birthday, from a regular stalker of your blog.

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