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November 01, 2008


brittany Kurtz

I'm commenting!!!! Every single one is perfect.... I don't know how we will ever decide. Chris is sheepishly laughing..... he has such desires to be a photographer! Maybe he should stick to sales? Yes, Mikey misses you, and even Luke chimed in today "will we ever see her again?" These stinky boys... they wear their hearts on their sleeves.

Love your guts! Thanks for making my Christmas wishes come true!

Brandi Ginn

Oh Kara!!!

They're GORGEOUS!!!! You did SUCH a fabulous job! I LOVE the close-up family ones, and the bridge one, and the mom and dad by the trolley car...seriously LOVE them all!!!



beautiful as always.

Kate Oldham

hey lady! Jordans email is oldham_jordan@yahoo.com
PS: Only 18 more days....YAY!


Ohhh Kara.. I love all of these.. wow how gorgeous


ummm......really. wow. really. these are just awesome.
that family bridge one needs to be big. like BIG big. i think i even want it. it looks like art.

Kara Elmore

Kim - I took a pic of the bridge - no people ... if you want it .. :)


Aren't you the little world traveler. Love the pics! I wish all my vacation photos looked like that, maybe I need to bring you along...

Kelli France

Bridge pic should be 40x60...at least!! The one right below it rocks too and the guitar one is amazing. Put those on your site for sure! Hope you are loving Vegas!

Kara Elmore

THanks everyone! I LOVED it there! Hopefully I'll be there again soon. And Kelli - she DID print it HUGE!!! 30x40!

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