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November 19, 2008



that Nate is a funny one! You are becoming quite the traveler! You should travel to NY! I can't wait to see more bridals. Have a great time!


Cousin you are officially dead to me, but I love you anyways...:) Have fun at Twilight. Please call me and tell me all the gory details. Love you!


Kara-I want more pictures of that dress. Did your Mom make it? It's beautiful. Enjoy the sun for me and good luck battling the teeny boppers for a ticket to Twilight. Bring something to defend yourself as a precautionary measure.


What the BLOODY? Where's mine? j/k I love you have fun in AZ.


eeeeeeekkk. have fun my dear! oh so jealous. cant wait to email you a million times over the holidays to talk about the movie :)


ok everyone keeps telling me that I have to read this series..so.. I think I will.. a girl is going to lend me hers... so maybe I will be on the same page soon.. and OMG can I just say you are so funny about your hubby.. thats awesome.

Adie Mitchell

Oh UGGGG!! I'm going to TWILIGHT Tomorrow too!! Can't wait! It will be so much fun!! You crack me up!! Have so much fun and spend lots of money for me!! LYG_Adie


I love Edward! I'm going tomorrow night and I can't wait!

I think it is so hilarious that Nate doesn't know your "blog" side! I don't think Ryan checks mine out much either though! Oh, fun times. Can't wait to see you at the friend party!


What's Twilight?


Katie- R u freaking serious?!


Oh my holy rp/vp, I just saw this post. Can't wait to go with you next week!!!!


Kara - I think I am going to vomit, I am so jealous of you that it is making me physically ill!!! You know I'm stuck over here in Poland and I won't be able to see Twilight until I come to Utah for Christmas.......that's 23 more days! I am thinking about jumping off a cliff (but, not really because Edward wouldn't approve.) UGH UGH UGH UGH UGH!!!

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