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November 29, 2008



OH you are so FUNNY! 7 times REALLY! That is amazing. I will have to wait until is is on video. How fun for you to get to go with someone who LOVES it as much as you do.


Are you kidding me.....? WOW, Oh Kara, I don't know about that, but I still love ya!


I have seen it ONCE. I must really be a slacker huh!!!

You're obsession makes me laugh!


How were the books? I am wondering if I should read them?

rachel brooke

I have yet to see this but WOW I guess I should, huh??!
Hey, you and Kimbrali are the reason I started on the books anyway!

Kara Elmore

Lilian - yes a slacker. Get on it - see it more!!!
Elizabeth - the books were FANTASTIC! To die for! And I don't read ...
Rachel - ummm HELLO! Go see it now!


i just laughed my ass off!
you are far crazier than i ever gave you credit for! i still havent seen it. i want the theater all to myself.

and is that momma in front of you waiting for twilight with her children in their PAJAMAS!!!?! that cant be? huh? tell me please that didnt really happen.


oh and please explain nyquil? and you have the cutest nose ever.


you are a crack up Kara!!! I love it!! Your pictures are darling, I can't believe how fast your hair grows!!! It is so long!!

Kara Elmore

MY NOSE??? Oh crap Kim - is it HUGE? Because it looks that way! AHHH now I'm SO self conscious! :) YES - that mom was in line w/ her kids ... and they had makeup on - like vamps. Her husband didn't get home until 10:30 - so she took them w/ her until he came. I'll email you about nyquil. :)


I can not believe that you really have seen it that many times, holy cow!!! I don't read either and therefore am still on book two and have been for months, I never finished book two, and so have not read book three or four, so I know I really do not read. But really seven times.


I just saw this!!!!!!!!!!!!!
OH...I miss you and twilight!!!
Come back please...and we will go see it 6 more times!!!!

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