October 29, 2008


brittany kurtz ..... the cuter sister of jamie beynon

ooooooooooh!!!!! I am so in love!! Can't wait, can't wait, can't wait to see the rest of the pics! Can you see Mikey looking so longingly, lovingly into the camera - I mean INTO KARA'S EYES!!! He has such a crush! I wish I could believe that we are all so clean and look so put together..... truth hurts.

When I grow up, I want to be Kara Elmore.

true love!!!!

Brandi Ginn

Yes, we all want to be Kara when we grow up ;) you know I love ya!

FABULOUS picture!!! I can't wait to see more. AND YES..In-n-Out is the BEST place EVER. Seriously, the only fast food I've eaten in 10 years because I loath fast food. (although, technically I don't consider chick-fil-a, or McDonald's BREAKFAST...only the breakfast...and only when I'm pregnant...to be fast food.)

WHEN you decide you ARE depriving them of Disney Land, you can stay at Nate's parent's house. Seriously. It's 30 minutes from Disney. There's at least one good reason for me to go to Cali ;) When B was almost 2 and A was almost 4 we took them the day after Christmas. Do NOT EVER do that. 9 hours and 4 rides later we left. Alexa talked about that trip for 3 years. Then my dad took us all to Disney World and they both talk about it all the time.

Kelli France

Oh, I knew you would love it and it kills me that you were only 4 hours away!!!

Can't wait to see more pics!


beautiful. I can't wait to see more.


I get really sad every time I hear that you have never been to Disneyland :-(

I have a REALLY good idea!! It starts with you and me and Brandy and Ally and any other adult female who would love to join us! ROAD TRIP!!!!!!! I have an annual pass and it hasn't been used in like.... 3 days!!!! SO, we MUST GO!!!!


what is that crazy lady thinking?!?! this little spot is perfection! love the color. i want to hear all about your travels!


This image is fanstastical.. ( yep my own word ) and Yeah for you going all the way to Cali.. I bet it was just awesome.. cause it sure sounds like it


There is another image I want to see from your cool trip...but,alas, you have failed me.

kelli Seeley

oh, i'm so glad to hear you loved SF...I knew you would. how could anyone not? it's my fav place to shoot....did you go to the marina to shoot at all? the houses there are so neat! if you ever come again...email me =)

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