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October 17, 2008


Amanda K

Oh my gosh, I cannot imagine the owner of that "fancy face" ever beating a dog. You must be making thins up, Little Miss M is an angel ;) I am going to check out that blog. I am tired and have bags under my eyes that look like they're never going to go away and my husband won't let me shop!! Ha.


Yeah, I have never been smacked by her! Every time I see her she smiles that beautiful smile!!! She's a sweetie! I have no idea what you are talking about!


your right! she totally fakes me out. looks like an angel to me! her and my son would get along SOOOO well. hes THAT kid too :)
love these in color!


These are adorable.. but jeez get that kid some shoes.

Rachel Brooke

I'm tickled watching these little one get tickled! :) And I posted about you on my blog!


Hi Kara, I am so glad that my baby, (2 yrs)is not the only stinker! I know exactly the way you feel. If I had a dime for every time Halle hit, or scratched someone, I would be a billionaire!!

Mandy Brenchley

Hi! You are going to think I'm a freak, but I'm in your ward and I totally want you to take my family pictures! You are awesome. Is that something you could do? I want to do it before the snow flies. If you get a chance, will you send me some info?? Thanks, and I hope to actually meet you in person soon.

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