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October 08, 2008


Stefanie Middaugh

First of all Kara I have to say that I LOVE your family. You and your husband are so darling and let's me know that there is hope of still being so in love after 15 years. Second of all, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the picture of you and Nate-so cute. Third, I had to let you know that I love the fact that I love my pictures. They are perfect and they make me happy. When I have kids, you'll do their pictures (cause I won't be able to take pictures of my own kids!!). And lastly, I LOVE TWILIGHT. Ok, that is all.


Ohhh I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE that picture of you and Nate. LOVE IT!!! It was fun to listen to you retell your story. I remember counting days with you at RCW! Did I mention that I LOVE that picture of you and Edwar...Nate?

Heidi Julander

Kara, I LOVE the picture of you and Nate! It is really nice! Justin and I were up way late last night, but I made him look at your post before we went to bed! I told him we have to get a picture of us like that! It was fun to see the pictures of you from High School! It's funny how fast the time goes by.... I can't believe it was that long ago! And the pic of us on the couch! How young we all looked! That was really fun to see! I am really happy for you and Nate! It is quite an accomplishment to stay happy for that long, and I am glad that you are! Oh, and tell Nate that I can't believe he would drop a class!! (haha)


you were hot kara!
love the pink skirt outfit;)
and its plethOra. i know. its my word :)
loved reading this though. such sweet words about your husband.


Congrats!!! I cannot believe how little you look in those pictures!!! The one of you, Nate, Chris, and Heidi is a crackup!!!


Well happy first date anniversary to you! That Nate is a lucky guy! He's so funny! I have memories of him too.... like that time we drove past your house and he yelled at us because we had a cup on the top of Allison's car... the look on his face.... ha ha ha ha ha ha!!!

cheridan brown

oh kara, to be young and 17 only one more time.... did we enjoy it enough!!! so i am very grateful you don't have any pictures of me and my terrible hair that NO ONE had the courage to tell me about!! i do remember that date.... i remember nate being so cute, and my date...not cute!! did'nt nate get sick, or was that you, i can't remember, and i dont't remember even going to Legacy!!! where in the he-- was i!!? oh i guess it's because that was the night i did not fall in love, and did'nt nate wear mockasins!!!! ohhhhhhhhhhh dear!!! oh what fun memories, i'm so glad i was a part of it!!! and i'm so glad i let you borrow my levi-vest or jacket or something!! i love you kara, and nate is one lucky guy. you'd better DH tonight!!! ohhhhhhhhhhh! love you kara--cheridan


Oh my cousin...I just love you so much! Do you remember when you stayed with me when my paretns were gone, or the time that you, Nate, Becca, and I watched "That Thing You Do" and all you wanted for a treat was GRAPES??!?! We have had the best time and I love you to pieces.
PS: I ask questions and answer them myself too you know...that's why we're so AWESOME!! We are you know! ;)
PSS: I LOVE and LUST after EDWARD too! I love my husband more though!


Oh, the memories. You know what pictures you need to pull out....the missionary calendar. Loving the Wood Family photo. :)

christine gallagher

You were lucky yo find true love early in Life! So sweet.

Rachel Brooke

Congrats to you two! I loved looking through your old photos :)

Rachel Brooke

Congrats to you two! I loved looking through your old photos :)


Kara.. I love that you still get giddy talking about meeting your husband I feel the same way about mine.. how awesome.

Wendy Kennington

So every night i sit down at my computer with my Pepsi and check my e-mails and stuff. I get on yahoo, your site and e-news everday (IN THAT ORDER. Well imagine my surprise when i got on there today and saw the REDHEADS!!! ha ha they are so stinkin cute i could bite them. Kara i just wanted to remind you of the time many many years ago when i was at your house and Ashton was maybe 8 months old and you had him on the kitchen counter styling his hair. Anyways there was hairspray in his eyes and him falling on the floor, you quickly picked him up and were consoling him. We could'nt stop laughing at his mohawk!!! Oh those were good times

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