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September 18, 2008



Oh my goodness,(oops,I mean OME) I can't believe that beautiful creature was produced by me!!! I have said it before, I looked like a cockroach at her age, oh well.

You are a master photographer, Kara! We love you over here!!! Thank you, thank you!!!

Amanda K

What a BEAUTY!! :) She is gorgeous, LOVE those images, my fav is the colour one. Show us more :D :D


Perfect!! She is so beautiful inside and out!! LOVE HER!!


love love love love love!
i wish you could hear me sing that because i totally just did that. out loud. here at my desk. at 1am :).

she IS a beauty!
i am really confused though because i thought you were photographing a child? like a little tot.

and will you stop being such a DORK with the books aready!?!



Oh My Gosh.. she is stunning..what beautiful portraits

Kara Ellmore

kim - she's only 13!!!!! But the contest was open to anyone w/ school aged kids.
i'm emailing you some pics! dork! hehehehe!

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