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September 15, 2008



You are very welcome. Now you can be all consumed with Twilight/Edward like the rest of us. Welcome to the insanity.


I really wish I was as pasionate about these books as everyone else. I liked Twilight. Endured New Moon. Liked Eclipse. Got bored at the honeymoon and have yet to pick up Breaking Dawn since then. Also, I really, really, REALLY cannot stand Bella.

Edward, well, if he were real??? OH. MY. GOSH!

That's it.

Kara Ellmore

Lilian - you can't join our club. :)


am i so uncool because i have no idea what on earth you are talking about in this post :)

you look absolutely gorgeous in that first shot though. i think i need one of those with my little girl.
you should enter your fluffy head into the gap kids casting call right now.


You crack me up! I just read them all last month myself. My sisters were going on and on so I had to see what all the fuss was about. And, well, at least you have Nate after you put the book down! :)

Heidi Julander

Kara, I laughed really hard at your post. I know what you mean about reading and doing nothing else. I read them earlier this year, and I am on Team Jacob too. Darn it, I do like Edward, but for some reason, I like Jacob more. I really didn't like the first half of Breaking Dawn. Ask me how a vampire who doesn't have any blood, etc. can father a child.....hum...... I know it's science fiction, but come on. I did really love The Host. It was fabulous! I am excited about the movie too!


Ok, first off, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the picture of you and your curly haired girl on the bed. You look so stunning!

Secondly, Adie is team Jacob?! Is she crazy!?!? Oh. Yes, yes she is.

Third, I love that you just got into "the" books. I was a latecomer too and I only read them in the past month or two. Aren't they so addictive! Ryan looked at me like I was crazy the other day when I made a comparison to something in our relationship to Edward and Bella's. HA!!

Amanda K

Oh my I LAUGHED reading this post. You crack me up :) You know I love those books ;) And you know I am totally off in dream land thinking of Edward (swooon) and also in wishing that I could come hang out with you for the movie!


I thought you would love me no matter what! I'm still team Edward. It's just that BELLA! Man, I'd still let you be in my club.

Fine. Be that way. See if I care! I'm taking my toys and going HOME!

Kara Ellmore

Kimbrali - looser! ;) GET on board and READ with us. It'll be a long distance book club again.

Heidi - ummm - you're not on my naughty list as well. JACOB? no. :) But glad you didn't do anything else while you read.

Krista - it's the triple "K" thing. We're on the same wave length. And I ALWAYS says things like "ummm, Nate - Edward would've done this ..." Not so healthy. I better watch that. :)

Amanda - it would only be like $2000 plane trip. And pictures would be worth it, right? :) I need some cloaks for some of my thoughts, don't you think?

Lilian - I still love you. I'm mad - but I still love you! :) And bring your toys back - I'll play.

Rachel Brooke

Ohhhh...sounds like a must-read! I'm kinda a bookworm and so this sounds right up my ally! :)

Kelli France

You are one funny chic! I guess I need to read these huh. So glad that you are happy with your pictures. You know I love you and would do it again in a heartbeat. You guys are so photogenic!

April Todd

I am loving all of these pics! You rock!


Kara, it's been too long since I've visited your blog...AND THEN to see that you went through what I went through in August! For weeks (I'm a slow reader :) all I did was READ. I ignored my family, I ignored my computer, and I was completely wrapped up in Edward & Bella. I could go on and on, but it's so nice to see that other people felt as consumed by it as me! I even got my husband to read the entire series and I haven't seen him finish an entire book in 13 years together! :)


i can actually appreciate this post now.
and i just laughed out loud at the last gold eyes comment!

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