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September 26, 2008



How am I ever going to get anything done if you post about Edward AND Mr.Darcy? Ahhhhhhh....


Oh, isn't that scene with Mr. Darcy walking toward Elizabeth at dawn the best? Seriously. I've watched that movie 100 times at least. I am completely connected to Elizabeth Bennett. I just need to find my Mr. Darcy.
Anywho - to help you out with the question thing..... you should talk about camera settings. Most people leave it on auto and that's all she wrote. Why have an expensive camera if you don't know how it works? Especially digital stuff. I don't even know what some of the stuff on my camera does. When/where is the class? Send me an e-mail cause I'd like to come. :)


Kara... Oh how I love looking at your fabulous pictures all the time. I just invested in my first SLR camera. I am so excited to start using the problem is I don't know the first thing about just the basics... I would love to learn more from you. So basically my questions are all of the above because I wouldn't even know where to start.


P.S. My whole family is planning on standing in line to get tickets to Twilight opening night. So you could be standing in line by lots of people you know.

Jessica Potter

Aww... Mr. Darcy. Which version did you see?
I will trade you off spots in line. You take one day I will take the next!


mr darcy aint got nothin on edward :)
seriously. im beyond hooked.
ive been watching the video clips on the movies website all night!
and ill hopefully be done with the last book by tomorrow morning :)
truly kara. i hate you for this. i can not think of ANYTHING but this stupid vampire love story!

and ive got a question.
do you use a wacom tablet to edit?

Rosalene Pacini

Hey! How are you? I happened to come along just in time to add some questions to your list... your tutoring session in July just wasn't long enough..and it takes my brain a while to process and figure out.
SO...#1-what is your favorite lens. I'm pretty sure you used a different one last year vs. this year. Which is your favorite and why.
#2-When I took b/w pictures with film..they were so much better than digitally. How do you work with your b/w images on photoshop...


1. Flash Photography.. do you ever use a flash? if so how do you use it? like do you bounce it off ceilings? etc?

2. what are your favorite products to use photography related? ie: lens, etc...

3. what do you do when you have a child who just doesn't want to cooperate?

brittany kurtz ..... the cuter sister of jamie beynon

my question is...... WHEN CAN I GET YOU TO CALIFORNIA!!!??? seriously? my friend and I both want you desperately (take that how you want to) and we want to get you here like.... in the next few weeks. is it possible? let's chat. my e-mail is kurtzbc@hotmail.com. this is a lame way to contact you, but I knew you would get the message!

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