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September 01, 2008



I love Nie's blog. She is everything I want to be. I am so amazed at her strenght and the love she has for her family. She is in the ward of a friend of mine and that friend told me that they made their ward just "sparkle". It makes you realize that life can change in a moment.

That is why my blog has become my family history journal. A way of documenting all of the funny things my kids say...day-to-day life...birthdays...traditions... favorite recipes, etc. I am a terrible journal-keeper and scrapbooking is NOT going to happen. So one day I am going to log onto BLURB.com and publish my little corner of the internet into a book for my girls to have. A way of looking back at their lives and knowing THIS is who I was and how MUCH I loved them!

I can't wait to see what you do!


"Strength"...I should preview before I post.


Kara, oh I'm so happy to hear you'll post more about your personal life. I would love to hear about the happenings in your life and more those adorable children.

I'm sorry about your friend. That is so tragic. I hope her and her husband recover well.

Let's do lunch again soon. Love ya!


P.S. LOVE the curls!!


Sorry, another P.S. The table you set up is so so cute! Hi Miss Crafty adorable!


Kara.... Your hair is GORGEOUS!!! You always look so cute. I love reading your blog, I check it everyday. I love the real life things, it's fun to read that someone else is maybe going through some of the bad, good, and funny things that you feel you are all alone in. You friend is in my prayers always.


First of all.... you look seventeen in that photo.

Secondly, I am now a daily nienie/cjanerun reader thanks to you. The story of what has happened,as tragic as it is, is inspiring and changing people's lives.

Christine Gallagher

I have been in tears more than once over Nie's story. She has inspired me to take a closer look at my life, my family and the amazing love we share. Thanks for this post.


hey hot mama!
i can not believe you are one of THEM!!!
you know? those perfect moms that set up freaking themed tables for the first day of school!!! and roll their daughters hair before school.
my daughter is lucky if i brush hers in the morning:(
im a bad bad person.

your daughter looks like a real life doll!

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