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September 04, 2008



I love her curls. I did that to Jayden when she was little and now she curses me for it. She says I gave he an afro???? What?? she was adorable with those curls, everyone loved them!!! oh well, at least I have ton's of pictures of it now. I love the winning outfit as well. Very cute. Can't wait to see the pictures of it.

Kara May

hey girl - just stopping by to say hello. Haven't seen you much (in a virtual way that is) so I thought I'd take a little jaunt to your blog. Your little girl is an angel. Adorable.


oh Kara she's lovely! I LOVE her curls and her outfit:)! She's the girl I wished I could have been when I was her age with the cool clothes and fabulous hair.

Stefanie Howell

Kara! I am proud to have such a beautiful cousin! haha But i have been trying to call you, okay i tried once but i tried, but anyways I want you to do our photos so i will have to talk to you sometime and we can plan things!!!!!


so beautiful and what a great outfit


so beautiful and what a great outfit

Amanda K

Ok so I came over here to comment on your Twilight post and it's missing ;) What happened to it missy? I'm a Twilight fan as well :D


Little Miss Fluffy Head sure is starting to look like her big brother. Just darling. She's getting so big.


too cute! You gotta keep those little girls little as long as possible! Keep convincing her of her curls... my little girl refuses curling in her hair of any kind! :(

Elder Favorite

sorry for scaring the poop out of ya, actually not really that was my purpose ha ha but know i did it with LOVE :)

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