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August 23, 2008



I LOVE LOVE that picture of your girls. I would put it up HUGE on the wall. My goal is to get one of the kids for canvas. :) I am going to play your little contest when my girl gets home from her friends. We need to chat. I miss you!


When is the contest over????

I wanna enter! I guess I should photograph a child huh?

Kelli France

I love the picture of your little girl too! I think you should print it big for sure!

What a fun contest! I LOVE IT!!! I would totally enter if I lived in Utah. SO FUN!

Kara Ellmore

LOL Lilian. It has to be YOUR child. :) Sooo will Michael do it for you? :)

Kara Ellmore

oh - and contest is over when I say it's over. :) A week??? We'll see the response I get. :)


Ummm.... should I admit that I haven't purchased a single "back to school" item for Ella yet? Oh, I'm a slacker!

Kara Ellmore

Lacey - DO IT NOW for the contest!!!! :)


Okay! I'm in!


Okay, I am in...but if only for the excuse to see you!

Brandi Ginn

OH my...SO fabulous!!! I have one of those "crying" kids too!

Oh wait, I have at least TWO like that...maybe three. Child #3 has recently realized she's been dethroned. How do you spell sassy? ;)


you need to cut your grass;)
i kid.

your girls are beautiful even when they are screaming.
and i would totally fly to utah to get a free 5x7 from you. too bad my girl wears an awful nave blue school uniform so no fun new clothes for us:(

and its about d time you updated you blog!

Stefanie Howell

Kara wow! Have I told you how much I love your pictures!! They are so beautiful!! I am amazed! and I really need to call you and chat sometime about pictures!
P.S. I can't believe how old Mabel is looking! Its crazy!


Kara you have such beautiful children, it's been awhile since I've gotten to drop in. And I'm shocked at how they've grown recently :)

Rachel Brooke

DEFINITELY needs to be blown up on a canvas!

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