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August 02, 2008




Totally love that picture! Oh and I'm really loving your dress, where did you find it, if you don't mind sharing :)


Oh Kara!

I love love love this picture! Your girl is so adorable and you look absolutely beautiful!!


Gorgeous Kara, I love it!


Thanks girls! SO nice of you!!!

Julyssa - my mom made the dress! I dreamed the dress ... and then based the entire photo shoot off of it. :) We got a vintage pattern at Hancock, and then I found the exact material in my head in the upholstery area. :) Go figure!!! If you want, I can send you the link to the pattern.

jenny miller

LOVE IT!! You take such great profile shots....me, not so great!


LOVE THIS! You are beautiful!



Heidi Julander

kara, this is the perfect picture! After hearing more about the dress, I think we need to see a full shot of the dress, too! Your hair looks really good in b & w, that's really fun!


What an amazing photo...so timeless...

I would love to see a head on shot of you to see your hair in the front - the style is so pretty!


I need to add how beautiful your dress is! After seeing it in person at church today... it's so gorgeous! Your mom has quite a talent!!


darling!!! You are so pretty!


Amy did a great job this is fantastic.. You two are gorgeous


Kara love the picture!!! You and the little one are darling. You always have been so cute in pictures.


Beautiful gals!!!


oh kara!
i just cried. you just described perfectly what a picture should be. you are beautiful honey!
and i cant wait to see the rest!

Rachel Brooke

This is one of my favorite images I've seen you take. Just stunning...

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