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July 28, 2008



I get to be first. SO many memories with you. RCWilley, Jakes over the top with Sherry, talking boys, trying on my wedding dress, Crying at work when I told you I was going to be married, saying goodbye to you at the airport when you were going to be a nanny. I LOVE that you came over at the crack of dawn on my wedding day and did my hair and then touched it up again for the reception. Pictures in the freezing COLD! What a great friend you are!


My first memories of getting to know you actually took place with phone calls we had. I remember thinking as I was talking to you,"Wow, I like this gal! Hope we can be friends!" Our discussions are some of the most memorable things I remember and some cannot be posted(hee-hee). But my new favorite memory is of last weeks Temple night....ohhhhhh,good times!

Heidi Julander

Kara, I have so many memories of you! There were so many fun things during junior and senior years when we were in office together! The christmas dance was fun when we were in the same group, and here's a sad memory, I remember how sad you were when Nate went on his mission. I remember being sad, but not knowing what to do except give you a hug. You are such a fun person, and it seemed like we always had a lot of fun!


awwwwwwww you gals made me BALL MY EYES OUT!!!!!!! I love you girls. Thank you!


Kara....oh the memories. Let's see, meeting you for the first time the summer of 4th grade at Adie's house. The way we used to practice on our hands what we called "the soap opera kiss". We were so worried we wouldn't know how to kiss when someone finally kissed us. You trying on my bra and stuffing it with socks to see what you would look like with boobs. All the cookie dough and brownie mix we made and ate the whole bowl of while watching Days of Our Lives. Playing in your mom's shop, trying on all the wedding dresses. Your green carpet in your bedroom. My baby shower in your basement. You are amazing, love ya tons!!!!!


I remember being first in line on opening night of "Titanic". How you and I would sit up in our seats and make up stories about the people walking in. We had some doozies!

I remember all of the Sunday nights where we would hole up in our dive-of-a-first-apartment and watch X-Files with your super yummy chocolate chip cookies.

And who can forget our first double date to the haunted house where you and I FREAKED!!! Good thing we had some strong men to hold onto.

Good times!



I'm so glad you walked down memory lane with me! Ahhh, yes, the smelly markers incident. It still hurts a little! :)

Here are some other great memories I have of us:

-The mustard yellow socks is an all-time classic! Wow, you must've had like 5 pair?! Haha

-Eating dried fruit in your yellow kitchen!

-Haha, I just remembered this one: Remember when I had to work off a U and I made you come with me to Davis High? Haha, that was so funny. We were learning about gangs and drug problems.

-Tap, tap, tap. (Picture a long, sharp, pointy nail tapping on a stainless steel surface!)

-Also, being able to keep in touch while you were in St. Louis was so great. The emails, and even our short overnight stay with you.

Many more to come! Love ya!


Oh, Miss Kara. The very best memories are the long nights we spent talking till 2 am. That night we (us and Joanna, of course) drove to Jake's to get cheese fries and it was a blizzard and we were laughing our guts out. Our Sunday we spent at "Church" in New York..... So, so grateful to call you my friend.

Diana Caffee

you don't know me at all, but I remember the first time I looked at your blog (yes I am a blog stalker) I just fell in love with all of your photography and funny stories. I wished that we were the best of friends. Krista is actually one of my dearest friends, she introduced me to you. I hope you don't mind that I read your blog, it's just so very entertaining.


I can not BELIEVE these memories, you guys! I am in AWE. And seriously teary eyed. To think of these times that nearly slipped by and now, to bring them back is SO beautiful!!! Thank you everyone! And cute Diana - I LOVE that you're being entertained. Continue blog stalker. We love you!!! ;)


I can't even think of a specific memory!! Just all the fun I've had making fun WITH you of the funny laughs and noises you make! (eh eh eh eh) Or however you'd spell it! Oh sho-o-o-o-o-o-ot! Or the time you and your baby boy brought a special treat to my baby boy... a bag of barf! So special!

I just LOVED serving with you in YW (I miss that so much!) And the times you've been patient in my photography questions and mostly for those times when you just listened to me. Especially most recently when I just needed a shoulder ;-)

So many memories for an unforgettable person who is so tiny and petite, yet I look up to in a big way!!!

Jenny Moore

I remember you wore the freaking cutest to-die-for red patent leather pumps to Allison's Creative Memories party. Not exactly a heart-warming memory, but it is a fun one!


hmmmm.. I remember that you are one of the funniest blog buddies I know.. and that you have the most adorable family.


Oh my - BEAR LAKE and what more can I say but we put the "Bare" in it! Camping at the RV campout, me running to bathroom to throw up because I was so sick from whatever I ate at the joint on the corner you know... the place they have the yummy raspberry shakes. Then there was the old fart police camper dude that kept circling our camp on his bicycle and shushing us because we were sooooo loud - remember how funny that was. Didn't someone pee their pants because we were laughing so hard. I am LOL right know remebering it. Too funny. You made us Pita sandwiches for your lunch one day - they were yummy. I still can't believe my parents let me drive the truck and camper up there at that age - what year was that? Classic times as crazy kids!

Kelli France

Okay I have three memories of you because I've only seen you in person 3 times!!!!!!!!! That makes me laugh how we are internet bosom buddies. I do have a delicious memory of just chillin' with you late at night when we stayed at your house chatting about everything with Ashlee and eating cookies. It's simple but I loved it.

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