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July 02, 2008



We listen to Maroon 5 in the van ALL the time. My kids will sing "I won't go home without you" so loud! I am telling you vans ARE cool. YOU are cool! Beautiful pictures.


Kara, we know you're cool, even if you drive a mini van. We get older but, we're still just 20 in our heads. Love the photo with the three of them. It is sooo sweet.


You have to remember something you are cool because you are cool not because of the vehicle you drive.. got it..


cool PRAM!! Reminds me of the book "Shopaholic Has a BAby"! :)

Sorry about the van! I am not a van person either, but with the price of gas it is definetly smarter than an SUV. Not that that matters when you feel like an old lady driving it though!


You are so funny.....I totally hear you about the van thing though. I did it for almost a year and then I gave in to my inner coolness and bought another SUV. Not so smart on the gas thing, but oh well. It was so fun to see you at Heidi's. You kids are absolutley beautiful!!!!! Ava and her pictures, that was great. Keep in touch!!!

Rachel Brooke

That's a pretty sequence for the canvas! I know you are rockin' that van :)

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