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July 24, 2008



yo ho ho these are awesome.. not sure why I am talking like a pirate though.. seriously these are wonderfully done.. I never dress up for photo shoots just weddings.. cause I end up in water or dirt or mud.. ( well not so much at weddings but other shoots I do ) and I never ever where heels good for all you ladies who can sport them I can wear them tops an hour..


love them all. My goal in life is to be as good as you and then I can take YOUR family pictures!


you are right!!! they are a gorgeous family.
and im allllll about the color in these. the color is awesome!
they look so happy together too.
you kicked some a** soul sister.

Heidi Julander

these shots are beautiful! I especially like the the first one, and the one of the dad holding the baby up in the air. Her outfit is the perfect color with the tree! Hope you had a fun 24th!

jenny miller

The color one of the baby in the air!! LOVELY! And I love the first one....and....LOL

Kelli France

You better hold her at gunpoint if she doesn't order the first one of her family as a 30x40 ;0). LOVE IT!!!

Great shots!

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