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June 09, 2008


Rachel Brooke

These pictures make me happy. :) Beautiful, Kara!

Heidi Julander

Great pictures! I love every single one. What a fun job you have!


These are all AAAHHHHH.. how awesome photos... every singe one. way to go Kara.. they are going to love em.


you truly are amazing! I really like the one with the quilt!

I need to call you! I am having SO MUCH FUN!!!


The love family shots and these ones are AWESOME! That is really neat how it has come full cirle too. Love the one with the kids in the b&w!

Jeremi Jackson


Angela Monson

my fave is the one of the little girl with the lens flare, beautiful!

Brooke Drellos

Love this session!! I especially love the close up of the kiddos...just perfect!! :)


these are all great shots! gotta love the families that just go with it and have fun! Your location with the trees is beautiful!


Gorgeous spot Kara. Love that first color shot with the whole family. The color of the trees is an awesome backdrop.

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