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May 27, 2008


Heidi Julander

Hi Kara, I should be getting my kids ready for school, but I had to tell you that your pics of your baby are darling! I like #1 best, but they are all cute. It's very hard to decide. I am glad that you had fun on your vacation. I had to laugh about your rumor story.....


Hello my recovered little friend! I LOVE pic #1! Baby Maby is precious. And LULU is already taken.(sort of).


you can't make me choose a favorite!!! I do love the first one.


I was going to say the 1st one for sure, but I love the storyboard too! What a cute baby!Where is that gorgeous location?

Rachel Brooke

I'm glad to hear you are feeling better...and you've peaked my interest on the baby name! I love picture #3, it shows the beauty of children when they are in their own little world.

Congrats on surfing!! :)


#1. So, so cute. I just love that red hair and that sweet baby skin. Another baby wouldn't be so bad. You and Nate sure have the formula down to perfection! Glad your feeling better.

Brandi Ginn

I like #1 or #3



Oh just print them all!! hahhaha j/k. I like #3 the best!


My vote is #5, your 2 faves, I love them!


im going to go with 4:)
loved reading this post.


I love the double picture. She is adorable!!!!!


#1 or #2 are my faves.


CRAP you guys - why couldn't you all come up w/ the same ####??? :) And just as a disclaimer - I am NOT preg. :) #4 is my favorite because she ALWAYS does that - AND Nate says it's her saying "I'm gunna CAP YOU!" nice. real nice. Can't decide if I do the double image though .... but #1 is so lovely, too. I'll let you know ... keep voting though!! :)

jenny miller

I love #3 but you have to go with the one the is HER! I do love those little chubby fingers pointing....


Love them all!! but #1 & #4 are just precious!

Angela Monson

I like #3 best, the curiousity is so cute.


#5 is my vote..and on the whole baby thing.. My 4 year old keeps telling me she would really like a sister.. I dont think my husband wants his vasectomy reversed so.. No more babies at our house either...

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