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May 22, 2008



I would post tonight again after the kids were in bed!!!


Oh beautiful pictures BTW and I am happy you are home...now get me more pictures to look at woman!!


I love these! You did such a great job!


I absolutely love your pictures of the darling little baby and his handsome brother. What a wonderful job as always. I will be awaiting the other pictures.

Rachel Brooke

haha sometimes you have to squeeze post in! The picture of the baby in the knitted blanket is heartwarming.


There are absolutely precious!!! Can't wait to see the pics of their sister!


he is very cute! I really love the 3rd one in BW...and how his little legs look like they are stretched out. Gotta love those newborns! I always ask if I can leave my camera there and take the baby home, but I haven't had any parents that agree to that one yet!


I want to hear all about your getaway! You need to post about that!

I went to a wedding at your parent's place this week. I'd never been there before! It was beautiful. It was great seeing your parents. They're so cute!


welcome home by the way.. and these are awesome images. no photos of the clean carpeting? hmmph..


jenny miller

A beautiful baby doesn't hurt, but the photography is divine!

Kar May

Hey Kara! Beautiful images :)
Hate to do this to you... but I'm tagging you. Sorry....Come play :)

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