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May 03, 2008



AHHH....FINALLY!!! love them all! glad you are alive and well.

Amanda k

Oh gosh, that barn image (least I think it's a barn?) is sooooo TDF gorgeous! Stunning looking family too. Also, my house is never messy either ;) *g*

Stefanie Howell

wow kara! your photos really are amazing! i cant get over them! i so wish i had your talent! love ya!


Yep! They ARE fabulous!

Love the pics too!


WOW, these are just beautiful Kara, love the barn image!!

Liz Johnson

Your pictures are adorable, I think the one of your neighbors is so awesome, every couple should have a picture like this, and yes I do love the barn picture also. You are so great at what you do. They are Fabulous I have to admit that is an awesome word.


These are awesome girl I want neighbors like that..

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