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April 11, 2008


stephanie McBride

these are beautiful pictures and how could they not be with such a gorgeous model!
i had such fun meeting you today. thanks for bringing your little one for all of us to enjoy. you rock!

Angela Monson

These are SO fun. Nice job. I love all of them. I really like the black and whites too of her sitting on that ledge. Wasn't that a cool spot?


I call moments like that "when your heart takes a picture" moments that you don't get on film, but wish you could, but almost glad you didn't. You know?
I love every picture and could have looked at 100 more. You are amazing! Will you teach me? :)


So cute Kara! And yes. She's absolutely a doll and I loved her outfit. So fun to meet you!


Thanks for bringing her she is simply a doll. I loved photographing her and love your shots too. That first one is so fun. It was so great to meet you.


Kara, it was so great to meet you and put a name with a face. I love all the images and I can't think of a better moment to "be" in with your little girl than eating icecream and talking (I remember doing that with my mom...some of our best conversations). BEAUTIFUL!!!--jeana (jeanabirdphotography.blogspot.com)


Oh my GOSH!! I LOVE These shots! She is so darling!!! I'll come take pictures of you in moments with your kids.... for my own practice!!!

LOVE these pics and LOVE that little girl!!!!! Her mismatched leggin's are sooooo YOU and HER!

Amanda k

Ooooh Kara these are SOOOO yummy. Her outfit is freaking fabulous of course -- those tights, I think Maddy has the exact same ones! http://www.flickr.com/photos/kittynn/814145153/ what do you think, great minds or what? ;)

My fav is the first one - she just looks sooooo fabulously sassy.


Oh My gosh these are all awesome.. I just love the one where she is sitting on the steps with her legs crossed peeking out under that huge skirt of girlie delight and her one eye is looking out fantastic... and WHAT? you mean everything you do with your kids cant be a photoshoot? ( glump )

jenny miller

I think she is an exact replica of YOU! Makes me want a girly....#1 is my fav! Enjoy your new found location and all it's light glory!


I'm so sad that I couldn't make it, I would have loved to meet you. Her styling is so incredibly cute!!!

Rachel Brooke

These are two cute! your daugher's expressions are priceless. I love your processing, i'd say it was worth the wrist pain and hurting eyes!

Jennifer Anderson

i found your blog on Angie's. Love your work and your little girl is darling!!! great work :)


That post makes me want to cry. My little one just turned 5 and I wish I would have taken more pictures with my heart and lived in the moment more. SOOOOO bummed I couldn't make it, but thanks so much for the invite.

Angela Fielding

Kara- I just had to find my way to your blog, and let you know that your little girl is sooo darling! I'm sure you are already aware, but those curls are to die for! Angie invited me, but I couldn't make it. Hoepfully, I can meet all you lovely ladies another time. Awesome shoot!!

kara elmore

Thank you everyone! These comments were SO nice to read. Made me feel all warm inside. really! Thank you! I hope all of you other photogs that were going to be there can show up next time. It will be great to meet more of you!


Kara your little girl is just so sweet!! These photos are divine! could not pick a favourite... I love them all!! love her outfit!! LOVE YOUR WORK!!!!

Stefanie Howell

Thank you so much for your nice post! I love these pictures! She is so beautiful! Imagine how beautiful she is going to be when she's my age! I'm jealous! But you really are an amazing photographer!

Amy Elmore

Kara, you amaze me with your talents!!! I love these pictures, well I love all your pictures! I am so proud to be your sister-in-law :) It is always fun to read your blog.

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