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April 05, 2008



Hey! I didn't know that was your dad! He photographed my little brother's wedding last year! I sat and talked to him in the temple waiting for them and we talked about photography and he gave me some good advice and also told me he had a daughter that was starting a photo business! Small world,huh?


Blake and your son look very much alike in the "GAP" post! He's gonna be a heartbreaker!

kara elmore

Heather - serious?? SMALL WORLD! I just commented on your site - let's email! ;)


What a sweet post about your family. I've never seen your mom before. I'm glad to finally see a picture. Your nephew and nieces are so gorgeous!

Six weeks until he leaves huh??? Makes me cry. If ya know what I mean?

Kelli France

Fun to see all your cute and VERY talented family. I love the candid B&W one.


Beautiful family = gorgeous photos! love the last image!


Oh Kara.. these are all wonderful and I love the way you describe your family and your love for them.. Yep.. I have tears I admit it..

Christine  Gallagher

I read this entry from our family vacation in Florida with our 3 kids and it touched me. I FEAR my little ones getting older and leaving the nest because as a mom I love them so much. Your family is lovely, thanks for sharing.... PS. NExt week I will wonder when the hell my kids are leaving for college, lol!!!!


Kara- Love all the pictures! I loved seeing your darling family. I haven't seen your parents or Chris since I got married. What a sweet post about your family.

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