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April 10, 2008



Good luck Ashton!

I remember him babysitting for you a couple of years ago and being super impressed with him even then.


how can he NOT win with those posters? The girls will be swooning over them and probably steal them and hang them up in their bedrooms! LoL!!! :)


He's so cute!

Um, are you freaking kidding me? We've been graduated 14 years?!?!

Whoa. That's all I have to say.


Such a handsome young man!!! He is going to have the girls chasing him for sure!! Awesome photos Kara!!

Kelli France

Oh that last one is SOOOOOOOOOOOOO nice! So warm and almost has its own texture. How cool that he is getting custom posters! NICE! So funny that you were SBO Pres. cuz I was SBO Vice President! It's crazy how much we have in common.


"heck yes I'd vote for you!"

Sara Boulter

Wow, what a charmer!

Lovely meeting you today. Your sweet girl...ahhhh. Thank you! Hope to do again soon, when I can stay longer. Can't wait to see your shots.


These are all fantastic.. How could he not win with posters this freakin' cool


Okay Kara wins coolest Aunt hands down :-) great posters and I'm so lovein the trespass one. He'd have my vote and I'm thinkin what heather said they will definitely be disappearing only to be hanging up in some chicks' rooms

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