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March 10, 2008



I love your blog. Have I ever said that to you? I always read it last like I eat dessert last. Love the baby pictures.

Happy Birthday Nate!


Karabean..these are gorgeous..congrats to your brother and his wife.. and a Happy Birthday to your Hubby.. Love the way you describe him.



Absolutely love the postings. Gorgeous baby pictures, gorgeous picture of baby eggs in the snow, and gorgeous shots of Baby Maby.

Happy Birthday Nate! (What a terrible sister I am, I didn't even call!)

Have I ever told you how talented you are? Well, words don't do you justice! Love ya!


What a cute little nephew you have!! His little tootie pegs poking out of the wrap is sooooo cute! LOVE baby feet and toes!

Happy Birthday Nate!

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