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March 20, 2008



Um, it's scary that your nephew is old enough to go on a mission. How old are we, anyway? Weren't we JUST 19? Have GREAT fun with your sister!


SYBERIA!! OIY! Where the heck is that place anyway? I really don't think I ever knew it was a real place! I just thought it was some mythical place you sent people who drove you crazy! When does he leave??? Does he go to the Provo MTC or a different MTC? SYBERIA???? What language do they speak? Why didn't I know this earlier when you were at my house so I could ask you these crazy questions! But then again....the Florida Tallahassee mission my boy is headed to feels like Syberia to me!

LOVE the cute little tootie peg pictures!


Oh Kara, those tooth smiles are just precious! It was fun bumping into you the other day! I can't wait to see your pictures of little girl #1 in her twinner dress to my Spunky one.

When are we going to have a grown-up couples playdate? We can't let our honey's have all of the fun.

I hope you have an easier night with not tooth problems. My older two always teethed with green onions and it made for much happier teethers. Miss Squishy pants is just a tad too young and it has made teething miserable!

I can't wait to see pictures of your nieces and nephew! Have fun with your sister!


I will post...only to tell you about the last 5 miserable teething nights I've laid by my little one's crib :)!! Finally took him in 'cause I was sure something was wrong...and they couldn't find a thing...but given the insane freak-out they sure were trying 'cause I think even they couldn't believe it was...just...teething!

Jeremi Jackson

Kara! Have you seen the way G is loosing her teeth??? It's so crazy! I have some pictures on my blog.

Still, great photos! I miss chatting with you! We should catch up soon!

Kelli France

Oh you can totally tell whose teeth are whose and all the personality that goes with them.

Wendy Kennington

Kara, love reading your website whenever i can. My little navy boo has 5 teethers. I just got a lilac scentsy bar and it totally reminded me of the lilacs in my childhood backyard that you loved! Ahh good times :) Your kids are darling!!

kara elmore

You gals are SO fantastic for commenting! ;)
And yes - Lilian, Syberia is real - and it's Russian speaking. And I forgot that I purchased a teething necklace from etsy - amber necklace. OOO need to find that. She's still darling as ever - even with her violent teeth! ;)

Amanda k

*snort* I laughed SO hard at this. You are hilarious girl :P Those little teeth are too cute though, really. I don't envy the teething though! Lilly's just been through another bout of it and oh my. Yeah, bust out that teething necklace, they work wonders =)


I love the tie! he's adorable!!!

Nicki-the SC sister-favorite sister ;-)

Hey Kara,
Love your site! You are one talented lady--when I grow up, I want to be YOU!!! The pics of my kids are so great, they having such trouble choosing their favorites for our home~do you want me to just measure my walls through out the house and we'll do wall paper??! :-) It's the only reasonable choice I can see! Thanks for your sweet comments! I just love and adore you and your fam! We are still laughing and remembering all the cute things your kids did and said! Thanks for doing the pics~~even in the snow! You are the best! Love y'all!


About those teeth pics~~~precious!! I remember Blake being concerned about Brinn's teeth at about age 6...he said, "Mom, Brinn has jack-o-lantern teeth!" and then realizing that Brinn was listening quickly said... "But Brinn, don't worry, they are at least evenly spaced Jack-o-lantern teeth!!" OH MY! Braces! Everything is OK! ;-)

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