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March 01, 2008



Kara, I'd like to hire your son as a 2nd shooter. Please send his little resumé, references and salary request.

And if you don't mind, please send some snow in the same packet. The closest we've come to snow this year in Dallas is the snow I saw in the movie Juno a couple weeks ago.

Such fun images!!


I was wondering if fluffy haired baby girl was available for a shoot sometime soon???? I know the picture is cropped and all but OH MY GOSH! Great shot!!! This is such a sweet post Kara!

Kelli France

Oh, the one of little fluff in the snow seriously makes my heart melt!


it must run in your family. Your kids did a great job. You are beautiful.

jenny miller

You don't need photoshop silly! You are beautiful even if you have one laugh line!!! I will have to pass my camera on to Oakley.

Rachel Brooke

You are beautiful! I love the shot of your daughter in the snow...the free-spirit of a child really is priceless.


Ohhh.. Kara.. seriously love the photos your kiddos took.. and Dont you just love when they mimic you in thier words It always cracks me up.. I also love the carefree no worries-ness of being a kid laying in the snow letting the sun hit her face.. we all somehow need to find those moments as adults.. why is that so hard to do?

You dear lady are gorgeous no matter what you haircolor.. so there..

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