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February 07, 2008



It is 7:30am. I should be getting the kids ready for school, but I see you have a new post...you are right I am going through withdrawals. I did remember that you were gone though so I was trying to be very patient. I can't wait to see more MORE MORE. So happy you are well and safe. I am still working on Chris about what we talked about. :)


I am so jealous.. I want to see sunshine and green grass ( and I might even be ok with the scorpions? ok probably not but for sunshine and warmth ) sounds like a wonderful trip accept for the trying to get home part.. but you made it thats what is important. Cant wait to see more images from your getaway ( oh and you Look Fab without the PS work )


Did you see the scorpians???? OH MY!!! I am actually quited stunned to see you next to the tree with that warning sign! YIKES! You and little Licious look so cute! LOVE that grin on her face!


Oh, Kara! Jealous, jealous, jealous. I want the sunshine and warm and fresh organic grapefruit too! At least I know someone that experienced it amongst the feet of snow. Sounds like you had a great time.

Brooke Drellos

Hey Kara...just droppin' by to say hi! You're trip home at the airport sounds like every plane trip I take. There's always somethin'...sounds like you had a great trip otherwise! can't wait to see some new pics...


my mouth is watering...grapefruits right off the tree:)

Kelli France

Oh my. What a crazy adventure to get home! Okay, I LOVE that you didn't even know about the Superbowl because either did I! Not a big sports fan. Can't wait to see ya.

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