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January 08, 2008



you are beautiful.


Seriously Kara... you are absolutely beautiful! Quit telling people who read your blog, and have yet to meet you in person that you don't look like the person they see in the pictures! YES... YOU DO! And I LOVE the "nateelmorephotography" too!

Amanda K

Oh you goose! You look gorgeous, and I bet you do even pre photoshop ;) Don't you loooooove photoshop?? I would never take a self portrait without it HA.


Love the dark hair and you look just as you always have. :)


I about fell over laughing when I read "nateelmorephotography"!!! It really is a family business!

You are beautiful Kara, stunning actually. And I am sure the photoshopping was miniscule. A stray hair MAYBE. You are that gorgeous in real life.


First of all.. I do the exact same thing.. and seriously my husband always takes the worst pictures of me.. even if I set it up how I want it... I always look horrid.. is this how he sees me??? yeesh hope not that would be scary.. I also "fix' mine up as well.. all those lines and saggy skin.. suddenly gone.. gotta love it.. so is not exactly how I look but yeesh its not like its completely untrue.. right.. So I do the same thing girl.. no worries.. and I agree with the others.. Kara you are beautiful both inside and out.

angie Monson

You look beautiful! LOVE your work!


angie Monson

You look beautiful! LOVE your work!


Kelli France

Photoshop phmotoshop, you are beautiful with or without minor editing! Giggling about Nate's name.

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