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January 06, 2008


Brandi Ginn

SO Darling! LOVE the little baby shots.

So what did you do to your house?

...you know I'm in decor mode too ;)


what did you do to your house? that is a post you should do, show everyone your beautiful house. So happy your computer is working.


These are beautiful... just beautiful..


It must be in the air, we rearranged rooms too. But not for fun reasons like you. I am trying to guess. Your living room and your alcove.

Do I win?


Oh these are precious!!! Big sister is so sweet!!!

Kara Elmore

yes Stephanie - you win! ;) It looks SO much better!

Kelli France

Love the middle image. So glad you are still alive ;0). I thought you may be on strike but sounds like you are just busy with rearranging everything. We need to chat though when you get a minute. I miss you.


Welcome back Kara, blog stalking just isn't the same when your not posting, lol ;-)
Love, love love new babies. Beautiful :D

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