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January 13, 2008


Amanda K

OMG Kara she looks sooo elegant and adorable with her straightened 'do (tho I have gotta say I am partial to those amazing blonde curls of hers). What a beaaaautiful invite btw...hope it's a bday fit for a princess =)


Absolutely the sweetest personality!!! I actually got a little teary reading this post because to me she is just a sweet little girl from the nursery and seeing her with you.... but that picture!!! OH. MY. GOSH! Hang on to this Kara, she'll be sixteen before you know it and she be breaking the hearts of young men (and their mothers!)


She is so pretty!

I too have grown fond of the curls. They are so her. But WOW! She is stunning!

I laughed at the "lollipop body" comment. It is so true. Their little bodies just haven't caught up yet. It is absolutely precious.

How fun for her party. I saw Cinderella once on "Good Things Utah." She was darling. I have her number in my book for when my now 3 1/2 year old turns 6. (I don't have the energy to do a friend party before then) You are seriously the cutest mom EVER!

Brandi Ginn

I LOVE it! I took a picture of Alexa almost a year ago (so she was 7) it's now hanging on the wall...and in my office. I love the picture of her! When my brother came to visit just a couple months after I took the picture he commented "Is that Alexa? whoa, she looks like she's 16!"

Yep...it will be interesting...us photog moms and what we can capture now and how it will compare in 10 years! SCARY!


Oh Kara she is beautiful. I can't wait to see her with Cinderella. Make sure you take and post lots of pictures. My girls still talk about the real Cinderella coming.


My little one turned 4 last month! Where does the time go? I loved your description of her...little kids are the cutest! Mariko was in jammies this morning and I just had to smile looking at her--fuzzy hair, big eyes, stick legs, big belly. Scrumptious! :)


Oi Vay.. she does look quite a bit older.. wow..gorgeous invitations

Kelli France

Oh my! It's scary how grown-up she looks in these without the curls. I can see why you are keeping up with the curls to hold onto that little girl a little longer.

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