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December 05, 2007



I have tried emailing you TWICE!! I thought "she is just ignoring me....!" But then why would she ignore me? I've been in a depression for two whole days wondering WHY WHY WHY won't you respond! It's been so difficult for me to cope with it that it wasn't even easy to actually pick up a PHONE to talk to you about why I emailed! But I do feel much better knowing your msn is what is causing my grief! ;-)

LOVE the pics of the little snow kids! LOVE LOVE LOVE the little Licious-lard! And yeah, those pics make her actually seem that she might be a little larger than she is.... Oh so tiny and sweet!!!!!! LOVE HER!


Yeah. you are back.. so awesome.. sorry to hear about all the troubles with MSN.. WTF?? Love these photos by the way.... looks like lots of snow fun..


I love the bonnets. I think her bum is about the cutest one ever. I can't wait to meet her..and the other two. As always..love all the pictures and I am counting the days until we are in front of your camera!!!


Seriously! How great are fat naked babies? That little M is a doll. Her big sister looks too cute in all that pink. You can really see the resemblance between the two now that M is getting bigger. Glad your up and running. I missed you, even though you didn't know you were missed.

Kelli France

Holy chubba lubba!!! I love naked bums (well, only on babies-LOL)!

I am jealous of all those great snow shots you got of the kids. No snow here so far. Love the smile on both of the girls' individual shots.


8 months, wow time flys. I love these two shots of her. I'm sure she'll thank you when she becomes a preteen for exposing all that lard,lol. That's what mom's are for :D


that baby is to die for...and the bum pic??? Hilarious! :)
Wasn't the snow so much fun? Mariko ran out as fast as she could to do some snow-angel-makin'...

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