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November 24, 2007



you are alive and well. That is what I am thankful for. I love these pictures. Save a date for me..we will talk later.


Love the pie story... see I would just buy them or commission my mom to make them... she actually knows how to bake.. where me.. uhhhh.. not so much.. but the praise of the hubby is awesome.. and these photos are great girl what a bunch of cute kids

Heidi Julander

Kara, I love your pie story too! I was in charge of pies this year at my husband's family, and I wanted to make 8. He got me down to 6. And we only came home a portion of two different ones. I am with you, even if they don't get eaten, if you are going to have pies at thanksgiving, have PIE! I guess I think when it come to baking, if one is good, then 3 are better!
I am glad that Nate was proud of your baking talents! That is what husbands are for!
I really like the picture of the girl with her quilt, and the first one of the mom with her daughter, and I like the smiles on the second one with all the kids, and the cute boy with those freckles! So I guess I love them all.
Hope all is going well!

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