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October 28, 2007


Amanda K

OMG the red hair and the last one in bw, the kissy face -- that is SOOOO gorgeous! They better buy that one, it's perfect!

Oh I'm laughing about the haunted house. You poor thing, and a snake? Oh my god I would have freaked and RUN RUN RUN. But a haunted house, not so much. I'd be more likely to go inside and look around :P She looks adorable of course, and as I said I LOVE LOVE LOVE them all. The ones with the dog are TOO CUTE!


#4 or #5 or #7 all of those are stunning and I cant just pick one favorite. I love the red cape and the fields.. Haunted house huh.. my house is haunted ( my house is also over 200 years old with a secret staircase I would just expect it to be our ghost is Joey and believe it or not he is very helpful with the finding of the lost things But some haunted houses are way too creepy they have a really creepy vibe that one looks like it has a really creepy vibe.. The snake is what would really fweak me out.. I fweak out at the one garderner snake that shows up in our yard and My husband refuses to kill it.. grrrr.. ok well sorry you got freaked out.. but it was worith it the shots are amazing.


Kara- Why is it when I take a picture and all the kids aren't looking it looks terrible? I LOVE you real life pictures. My secret dream and not really a secret dream is you shooting my family pictures. AHHH someday! I love the picture of her on the walk, the color one, love love love it!! I also really like those last two. Good luck deciding. I can't wait to see your site and share it with everyone!

sara anthony

Votes from a stranger.... Photo number one, hands down.


I vote for the last color image. Red cape is strikeing against all the green tones. I like the last image for b&w... but I'd take advantage of the red+green combo for an opening shot.


How on earth are we supposed to choose????? UGH! If I have to say just one.... the very last one is my personal favorite.

LOVE the pictures of that awesome family!!!! I'll bet it was so much fun shooting their pictures!

megan holdsworth

#2 color and the last one BW

Heidi Julander

Kara, Hi! I love them all, but my favorite of your girl is the second to the last. I also love the last one, and the one in color with her looking at the tree. Don't be afraid of the snakes, they are more than likely just garter snakes, and won't hurt anybody. Keep taking the shots you want at the house, the snakes will just go away if they see you. I love the shots of the family too!

Kelli France

That was some serious postage but I LOVED it!!! She is SO perfect for that cape. I also think she would make an adorable "Goldilocks and the 3 (teddy) bears" too.
So my 2 faves are 75e and 115e...they are both stunning images. Can't wait for that website to debut!


Love, love, love the one in color with the tree! I'm a sucker for awesome trees and well, the color of the red cape is so vibrant and draws your eye right to her. Man, she's cute.

Brooke Drellos

ok, I love them all...so fabulous! I think I vote for the last color and the last b/w...but I really LOVE the dog pics...ok, switch me to the the 2nd dog pic and the last b/w....the pressure. Simply gaw-jus!

Chelsie Dell

My vote - first color with dog - first color walking on the path - and the last two bw. LOVE THEM KARA!!!


love these, my pick is 75e. I love the feeling I get looking at it and the colors. Can't go without 115 b/w too ;D


This is TOUGH! THEY are all absolutely fabulously STUNNING! For color I think the one with the tree and for b/w the second to last but I LOVe the last one too. But the feeling in the second to last knocks me upside my heart!

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