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October 13, 2007



will you take my "been married 13 years" photos

Brandi Ginn

FABULOUS FUN photos! I love #2 and the fire hydrant.

You did a GREAT job!


PERFECT TARA! this is the best session i've ever seen on your blog. my favorite images you've ever taken! LOVE! How BEAUTIFUL are those two? Love the neckdown b&w shot with crossed ankles. comp is out of this world!

Kelli France

How cute is that kiss on the bus one!! I really like the close-up of them too.

Heidi Julander

These are Great! I really like them all, You will have to tell us what one they choose for their invitations!

Kara Elmore

Thanks everyone!
Joanna - YES - I'll take your 13 year pics!
Thanks Kathy - that is a HUGE compliment!
I adore that trax one as well! I think this is the one they'll be printing HUGE for their reception - and then it will be the main picture on the invitation. I'll post their invitatino when it's complete.


SAUSAGE.. ( just thought I would play along with the shouting out food ) These shtos are fantastical.. ( my own new word ) LOVE these..Cant wait to see the bridals

Melissa E Earle

How amazing. My favorites are your favorites!!! I am so very glad I got to see them, thanks for posting, they are simply outstanding
-Melissa E Earle

Michele Anderson

LOVE 'em!

julie schenk

Kara, THAT'S MY DAUGHTER! I asked April for your blog because a friend wants to see some good blogs so thought I would check it out myself and there's baylee and spencer! How cool is that? Thank you so much. I love these and want to see more. Your are great....really!

Toni Elmer

love these Kara! They are so stinkin fun! love it!

Kara Elmore

Julie... I KNOW!!! I LOVED taking them... Oh how I love BAYLEE!!! SOOO excited for the wedding and to see you and Brent! Nate and I thought she looks like you, esp. in #2!!!

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