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October 24, 2007



OH HOLY CUTE-NESS!!!! Look at that cute tiny little tongue!!! You know I love you and you know you're my hero!

You don't like them little Box Elder buggers either huh? I was thinking of having my number two son make a soup out of them and bring them to your little man!!! Do ya think he'd eat it?? Bwaaa ha ha hahahahahahaaaaaaaaa!


Ok seriously.. that first shot.. with the baby in black with the black bow.. and the blue eyes..KILLER..shot. and that second one GORGEOUS.. wow.. Oh I am glad to hear my kids are not the only ones STARVING when they get home from school


your life sounds like my life. I love these. We went away for a week (alone)and I came back to two posts. Thank you!

Kelli France

That picture is SO Ralph Lauren...beautiful and the baby's eyes just pop, so cute!


That tongue! So cute. My niece does the same thing. And oh, the bugs. I swear I've killed and swept up thousands of those suckers. I'll be glad when they're gone.

Brooke Drellos

don't know if you've been tagged yet, but if not, your it!

Kirsty Campbell

OHHH sooo cute
box elder bug????? huh!!!
aussie here have no idea!!
Love your work as always

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