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September 05, 2007


Angie Penrose

Oh, they're to cute! Look at those curls! I need a girl! Love the idea of taking a picture in the same spot every year. I'll have to remember that one!


Kara these are simply gorgeous


OH!!!! Karalicious I LOVE those pics of #1! Did you get her hair cut? Or are her curls just tighter than normal? Absolutely ADORABLE!!! LOVE HER! And #2... so stinkin' PRECIOUS! Such a happy little baby that I have NEVER heard cry!

I know you're sad about your little man starting kindergarten. I was too when my first boy went. I remember sending my little guy off to school with tears in my eyes thinking "what a big boy he is and he's growing up too fast." Let the tears flow my friend. You and I both know where my baby boy #1 is right now and I'd love to have that first day of kindergarten back!!! Oh... now I do have tears.

Amanda K

Ohhhh my god Kara!!! Those curls and the RED and her sweet little look at you. What a happy-sad day for you both. I am sure she will lovelovelove it and soon enough you'll come around to it too :) Also - cannot believe your littlest miss is sitting up! Look at her, what a clever little monkey.


Kelli France

OH MY!!! Cuteness overload, that's all I have to say. She is the queen of curls and looks so sweet in red. The tree idea is a great one, gotta steal it. Lovin' the bonnet ones of your baby. I just got a knit bonnet for Abe (so it's not so girly) but I'm STILL waiting for him to sit up though.

Brandi Ginn

OH MY! Her pictures ARE SO DARLING!!!! I WISH Natalie's hair would curl like that! Never, never in a million years thanks to the Nate in her...poor thing. That red is SO cute! Did she like being in a dress? Could she play in a dress?

And sad for you today...little man off to school. I've tried to call you several times. Sent the signal and everything. You are no where to be found...


How fun and exciting Kara! I love the tree idea!!! We have been doing the front door from day one, but yours is SUCH a better idea! Little girl #2 started today as well. Two and a half hours of alone time...for six more weeks...Mommy went and got a pedicure!!! It kept my mind off of the fact that my babies are growing up!

And baby girl #2 is adorable! I love all of her snap-on baby parts!

I can't wait to see pictures of little boy tomorrow!!!

Heidi Julander

Kara, what cute girls! I love the close up of your oldest daughter! Such a cute look on her face! Your baby is very sweet! For me, first grade was worse, since Jake was gone all day. Can you believe we are getting this mature? I keep "old" out of my vocabulary......

Kara Elmore

Oh, you all are SOOO fantastic to me. Thank you for your comments! I'll get my boy's pics up today. He LOVED his first day - I'll have MY feelings posted in a bit. ;0) Heidi - Cheridan stopped by yesterday - took some maternity pics of her. I THINK she's having her baby NOW! ;0)

Heidi Julander

I can't wait to see the pics! How fun! Everything Cheridan used to do would make me laugh, I am glad you get to see her! My 4yr old just saw your pics of your girls and said that your baby is the "cutest baby ever!". She and I, and Gracie are all sick today, and I was supposed to have a girls weekend with my sisters-in law! Just the way it goes!

Brandi Ginn

I tried to have Natalie sleep in rollers last night. Spent 30 minutes wrapping her hair up. She was all excited to have curly hair just like her friend in the cherry dress.

The SECOND her head hit the pillow "I no want curly hair mommy."


Oh Kara those curls are adorable!!! she looks so happy for the first day of school lol. our little one was screaming when we picked her up.
what i would give for her to be this happy after school.


Oh kara she is absolutely adorable. All my friends think that she should be a kid model. She is so stinkin cute. The camera loves her. I can't believe how big your cute little "lardilicious" is getting. I really need to come see her. And I absolutely can't believe that little man is starting kindergarten. That is so crazy. It seems like he was just having his little cowboy birthday party and that was probably two or three years ago. Crazy. I am starting to feel old...

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