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September 08, 2007



That nine month belly is not very big!!!! Just let her know she is going to LOVE having FIVE boys!!! The dirt the noise!!! Ahhhh.... so much fun! And I'm not being sarcastic here. I LOVE LOVE LOVE having five boys of my own!

And look how handsome your little man is!!! SO grown up too! Go ahead and shed your tears. He'll be wearing that missionary badge before you know it!

Heidi Julander

Cute boy! His outfit is so cute too! It's funny how ready some kids are for school! I saw a mom this week dragging her daughter just crying into school. It was really sad. I almost started crying and I didn't even know them! Cheridan's belly pics are so cool! I really like them! Did she do the hand thing on purpose or does she just do it without thinking now? That makes me laugh!

Kelli France

Your son looks SO handsome!! We are going to have to hook him up with Savannah. Your kids are too cute! It's funny to see the Utah version of Mom's watching their Kindergarteners. Your Moms are much younger and have WAY more kids with them compared to the old Nevada Moms with 1, maybe 2 kids.


Oh your boy is so cute and a perfect match for my girl his age. Is that Mrs.Brown? If so my oh my I bet her boys are beautiful! I can't wait to see them.


Awwww... these are awesome.. first day of school sucks for parents.. I know parents who get all excited but not me.. I cry .. every first day of school..

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