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September 13, 2007


Brandi Ginn

Awesome pictures!

OK but seriously...someone from church recently had a baby that was premature and she SERIOUSLY believes that when the baby does that with their hands they ARE ACTUALLY trying to tell you to stop. UMmm...can you say "just random movements from a baby?"

Toni Elmer

that is so fun to have such a graet friend like that... and props to mom and dad for making and rasing 5!!!!!!! good and HANDSOME boys! Not easy these days. LOVE the pictures too. As always!

Heidi Julander

What darling boys! And that baby really makes me want another one! I love the picture in the basket, it is so sweet! I really like the five boys in a line, I wonder if anyone else could have that many cute cute cute boys! Way to go Cheridan and Matt!, and Way to go Kara for the great shots!....oh, my husband really liked the picture of the family in the last post with all the colors! Thanks for posting these!


Oh these are beautiful. It is so fun to see somoene else with 5 kids. I love the basket picture! LOVE LOVE IT!!!!

Kelli France

Oh I love the "talk to the hand" image--how funny. The B&W of the baby is my fave of the 2. I also ABSOLUTELY ADORE the one of the 5 boys. (It's seriously amazing that you got them all to look at the camera). They should order that one as a 15x30 and put it over their couch or bed!!!


Oh.. My... Gosh.... these are awesome what a sweetie and I love that last shot with the hand.. too much..


Oh...precious!!! I used to have a geo storm (candy apple red) when they were cool too! heehee


Look at that HAIR! Oh precious precious baby boy!!!! And I LOVE the picture of all the boys faces! Makes me a little sad too though. Tell your friend to enjoy them all like this!! I'd love to have a picture like that of my five guys!!!!!

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