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August 15, 2007



Not that my vote will matter much, but I think the whole world needs to see what an awesome photographer you are!! So i vote YES!

Kara Elmore

Hey Miss Lilian! EVERYONE'S vote matters!

Brandi Ginn

Of course you know my answer...YAH!


I say if you have the means to do it go for it... then link up your blog to it as well so that your clients can check your blog as well. so YES is my vote


I love reading your blog, and I wish you had about a thousand entries a day! So even though I think a website is a fab idea, I would beg you to make sure you keep your blog up-to-date so we can see what you are up too!

And ditto Lilian. The world does need to see how amazing you are!!!

Amanda K

YES! Totally get a website AND keep the blog.


I vote yes. Keep the typepad for friends/family/and for clients to get to know the "real" you... but add a website to showcase your client work. I say a fun site with a client proofing section. It's working great for me and their customer service is GREAT!

Kelli France

It will fit you SO well! People will still read your blog for "Sneak Peeks" but you really need to show off your work with a website. It's your portfolio.


I love the idea of a web site. I think you should do it. YES!


It's a great idea. But, definitely keep your blog too.


I absolutely agree. I love looking at your work everyday. Everyone else's needs to see it to. I always tell friends and family to check out your pictures.
You are so talented.

Michelle Croson


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