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August 26, 2007


Amanda K

Omg those BIIIG blue eyes and her red hair *sigh*. She's such a lovey :) SO glad the necklace is working for her, we love ours. Such gorgeous newborn shots too!


Aww what a sweetie.. do they chew on the necklaces or is it just wearing them that helps? WE are total Flax seed nuts we take one to two flax seed pills a day. Whats the benefit to almonds? love all these images Kara.. wonderful


I am so going to get one of those necklaces for this baby! I am pretty granola when it comes to some things so don't worry about teasing from this friend...worry about having me pick your brain!

Kara Elmore

almonds are a great oil in themself - great protein, too! The necklace has oils in it (sap from a tree, I believe) so when placed on baby's skin, it seeps in and acts like an analgesic. Same effect as a pure oil.
Stephanie: I got the necklace from littlerubaby on etsy.com. You'll love it.. my granola friend. ;0)


Oh what a stinkin' cute picture of your little granola baby! ;-) As always she looks gorgeous with her beautiful blue eyes and RED hair!!!

Love the pics of the newborn too!


Kara Kara-
She is beautiful. I love her eyes.

Kelli France

Her eyes are amazing!! I might have to try that teething necklace too even though it's kinda girly.

Ellen Patton

Adorable. I had hair that color when I was a baby. :)


i just came across your blog. You daughter to adorable! I have a question about the teething ring. (My daughter hasn't had a problem but my friends child is crazy, the teething pills are even helping) Where did you get it at? If you wouldn't mind passing that info along I would greatly apprieciate it!

Kara Elmore

Tiffany -no problem! Hopefully it will help your friend's baby. I got it on www.etsy.com. I typed in "baltic amber necklaces" and up came a few people that make them. I bought mine from littlerubaby.com. It came in like 4 days! Good luck!


I'm a newbie to your blog too.. can i just say wow... i've been here a little while now!
those blue eyes are amazing..
I'm gemma and I will be stalking your blog! LOL xx

Kara Elmore

HI Gemma! So nice to have you visit. I tried commenting on your blog - my password would NOT work! UGH! Lovely, LOVELY pics on your end as well!!

Heidi Julander

Hi Kara, I found your blog, and I think your pictures are so wonderful. It was really fun to see all your work! I never knew you were into photography! Your kids are adorable! Heidi (bankhead) Julander

Kara Elmore

HEIDI!!! AHHHHH! HOW ARE YOU??? Oh how I miss you! Heidi and I went to school together! Email back with your info - I'd love to chat! And sorry everyone about my albums. Seems like it's down for a bit.

Toni Elmer

these are awesome! I just came across your blog as well as some of the others here it seems, and gotta tell ya I think you're great!!

Kara Elmore

You gals are so GREAT! I am feeling VERY popular tonight. ;0)

Kirsty Campbell

OH please please please come take our photos in Australia PLEASE!!!!!! Sorry been MIA lately lovely to catch up on your blog and your fantabulous photos you talented little fairy you!! Luv ya work

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