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July 06, 2007


Amanda K

Ohhh Kara they are GORGEOUS images. I love those steps, what an lovely blue and the little boy looks like such fun! And of course your family shot - soooo nice to see all of you together. You and your hubs look SO YOUNG!! (and I am still immensely jealous of your shoes).

Brandi Ginn

Oh how Darling! I love it...I'm so glad you found what you wanted to wear on Sunday ;) and of course the killer red shoes to go with it! And what great steps for taking pictures!


I love the family picture of you guys.. what a beautiful family you have.. and the pictures of your cousins son are fantastic too.. you were right about those stairs

Kelli France

Love the upside-down image-- Great composition! That's a darn cute picture of your family too.


You and your family are Beautiful!!!

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