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July 16, 2007



Oh I LOVE the picture of your cousin. She is beautiful! such a great pose!

As for little six year old boy... that is SO HIM!!!! Such cute cute pics of him!!!

Kelli France

I love the one of your son laughing! You captured such a great moment!

Your cousin is a cutie and so is the shot you got of her. I wanna see more!

Brandi Ginn

I love the one's of W.. SO cute! LOVE the hole in his mouth from the lost tooth!!

Kara Elmore

Oh ummmm - that's not a missing tooth. That's a wee bit of a gap between the teeth that are loose -about to come out. Which will make that gap... even larger. ;)


She is a gorgeous bride.. and Your son is 6.. wow.. already huh.. I so know what you mean about wanting to freeze the time and yet are excited to see what tomorrow will bring.. He is adorable.. and had wonderful expressive eyes.. Happy Birthday to him ( a bit late )


Your cousin is a BEAUTIFUL bride!

Your little dude is a serious cutie!

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