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June 29, 2007


Brandi Ginn

Those are the most darling SHOES ever! And OF COURSE you placed them on the peely paint chair before you took the picture....

Brandi Ginn

I think it's DARLING!


First off.. LOVE the cut and color.. you are so dang cute girlie.. really.. secondly.. those shots of the girls are amazing.. and those shoes.. wow.. so cute so fun.. ( side note: I always fix my pictures of me in PS too and always wish I could use some PS in real life )


WOW!!! You are such a HOTTIE! I can't wait to see your hair in person!! Love the shoes... they look familiar? When did you get them? And I'm totally looking forward to seen princess number TWO in her gorgeous dress!

LOVE LOVE LOVE the pictures of princess one and her little friend... also a familiar face?? Similar to a girl around the corner from you???????


PS - I'm not really that bad at spelling... just typing. I meant SEEING not seen.

Kelli France

Dang girl! This a loaded post! LOVE the shoes. They are SO you and your hair is very fun too!

Okay and the pictures of your daughter and her friend are SO darn cute!

Amanda K

Omg I have shoe envy LOL. I love love LOVE those!!! So cute. And your hair looks reaaaally really good. You better post pics of your darling in her dress, I wanna see!


I LOVE the shoes!!! I have a black pair very similar...now I want to go get the red ones!!! And I sdore the hair!!You are gonna be smoking at that dedication lol!

Angie Penrose

Those shoes are to die for cute!! My sis is also blessing her baby on sunday. She would love to wear those. The mommys got to look cute to right? :) The shots of your little girl are adorable and I love your hair color. So cute!

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